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Wilder Jazz This link takes you to the original website of Christian's record label WilderJazz. There are some great interviews with Ray Brinker, Trey Henry and Christian disscusing the musical process of the recordings they have done together.
Tierney Sutton.com Here you can find out more about Tierney and the Tierney Sutton Band.
Ray Brinker.com Here you can find out more about the absolutly amazing drummer Ray Brinker.
Berklee Today This link takes you to an article I did for the Berklee College of Music on my approach to reharmonizing. I thought it would be useful to add the link here.
CDBaby.com When you buy music from Amazon or any of the major music vendors only a tiny percentage goes to the artist. I sell all my music on CDbaby because they can do everything that Amazon does and they give the artist most of the profit.
A website dedicated to all conductors of the Eurovision Song Contest
The last Eurovision Song Contest with live orchestral accompaniment was in 1998. Subsequently, the European Broadcasting Union decided the show would be better off with backing tracks and without real music. As a way of protest, this website was built. It aims to applaud the careers of more than 350 musicians, who conducted the Eurovision orchestra between the first festival in 1956 and 1998. Christian conducted for Luxembourg in 1992.
SherMusic.com This is a great website for finding method books and all kinds of "Real Books".